Jun 25, 2015

Don't Wait! ~by Terry Burt

A Praise Report:

"...when God speaks to you, ...respond and don't wait because it could be too late." ~Terry Burt.

When I lived up north, I had two neighbour boys who helped me on the farm.  The younger one, Joe and the older one Allan.  They spent allot of time at our place, ...even more than they spent at home.  We poured love and compassion into them.  Allan and Joe did not come from a Christian home.  Allan was married to his wife Cindy and they had two teenage daughters, Samantha and Rebecca.  About three years ago, Allan developed a brain tumor.  He was operated on but they were unable to get it all, so he has been on a downhill spiral every since.  Then in April 2015, he was put into a hospice house in Owen Sound and they gave him less than a month to live.  Dwight called a special prayer meeting at his house.  God spoke to me to go to the prayer meeting and ask for prayer for Alan.  We prayed that God would give Allan a second chance!
That week God spoke to me to go up and visit the family.  On Saturday, May 2, 2015, I went up to a Celebration of Life service and God spoke to me to go and see Allan's family.   When Joe saw me, he came running and crying.  he hugged me and didn't want to let me go.  He said he just had a break-down and look who showed up!  I told him that God sent me.  When I asked how Allan was doing, he said "...not too good".
Last Sunday they called the family together because they did not think Allan would make it through the day.  All of a sudden Allan brightened up.  I asked when and Joe told me 8pm on Sunday evening - that was the time we were praying for Allan.  I asked if I could visit Allan and Joe told me that Allan would be happy to see me.  Joe went to visit Allan the next week and told him I wanted to visit him.  That week God spoke to me to go and visit Allan and share about God's salvation with him.  So on Saturday, May 9th, 2015, I went not knowing what to expect.  I was a little anxious, so I stopped at my brother's home on the way and before I left, we prayed about the situation.  God filled me with an overwhelming peace. 

When I got there, I found him laying down without movement.  The nurse came into the room and I asked her if he is going to wake up.  She told me that he has not been awake for three days, but talk to him because he will hear your voice.  I started praying and I could feel the Holy Spirit fill the room, so I went over, touched him and told him my name.  He opened his eyes wide.  I explained to him about salvation.  All he had to do was to accept Jesus into his heart!  Fear of dying would leave and he would enter into the arms of Jesus.  I believe Allan accepted Christ. Then he closed his eyes and never woke again!
I stayed in the room for an hour praying that the Holy Spirit would fill Allan's room and whoever entered the room would feel the Holy Spirit's presence.  I told the nurses what had happened.  The nurses started to cry and said, "that is a miracle". 

The next day Joe went to visit Allan.  Allan told Joe about me being there.  I left with real peace.  On Wednesday, May 13, 2015, Allan's mother and a neighbour lady went up to visit Allan.  When they entered his room, the neighbour lady said she could feel the strong presence of the Holy Spirit.  I don't know where she stands with the Lord, but she told Allan's mom that this will be the last time they will see Allan alive.  She sent over and gave him a hug.  Allan had not been able to lift his arms in weeks, but he got enough strength to lift his arms and rubbed his mother's cheek.  They knew that would be the last time with him, and the next day he died.  Joe told me that Allan was just hanging on till he saw me.

On May 21st, 1988, Allan was in our wedding.  Twenty-seven years later on May 21, 2015 he had his funeral.  So I am telling you ...when God speaks to you you should respond and don't wait ...because it could be too late.  God's timing is perfect.  God Bless!   Terry

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