May 7, 2015

FOX News: Muslim Cleric Makes SHOCKING Statement About ‘Draw Muhammed’ Organizer On LIVE TV

Ed's Note: 

1). We have been running a series on "TALKING TO THE CULTS" researching what they believe ; The following news item from FOX News gives insight into Islamic thinking.  
2). Someone emailed me concerning a christian response to ISLAM; As I indicated in the first of this series (Dec 17/2014), Walter Martin proposed a strategy in dealing with someone caught up in a cult.  Walter Martin was a christian researcher who compiled his work entitled "Kingdom of the Cults" ;  (...because you will not reach these people by arguing); Some of Martin's strategy includes:  
  • Develop a personal relationship with them; See them as a person not a project. Keep the conversation firm but friendly.
  • Introduce and plant "seeds of doubt" into a conversation in the nicest way.
(As to the rights or wrongs of why Ms. Pamela Geller (head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative) made the decisions to do/not do what she did is beyond the scope of what I care to comment on & not for us to decide here; I am interested in observing/researching/understanding the depth of extremist ISLAM, and this Imam certainly is able to clearly communicate his beliefs.  As christians we are called to love, and be winsome and thus the strategy above is proposed.  Please, feel free to comment and we can learn together.)

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Muslim Cleric Imam Anjem Choudary Makes SHOCKING Statement About ‘Draw Muhammed’ Organizer On LIVE TV

Pamela Geller, who organized the Muhammed cartoon contest in Texas over the weekend, appeared on Fox News Wednesday night and squared off with a Muslim cleric, and what he had to say is enough to make your blood boil.
Geller, the 56-year-old head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, argued with Anjem Choudary, a British-based cleric, just days after two Muslims attempted to commit a terrorist act in Garland, Texas, where Geller held her event. Choudary apparently stand with other Muslims who believe Geller should be put to death for insulting their beloved prophet. The explosive segment on the Hannity show was based around the numerous death threats that Geller has received following the contest, which she said has caused her to step up her personal security, and it shows us that even in the West, there are Muslims who believe that Sharia law must be implemented and followed, even by non-Muslims.
Host Sean Hannity first reminded his audience of where Choudary, who is currently out on bail after being arrested for ties to an extremist group, stands in relation to the imposition of Sharia law, then presses the cleric on whether or not he backs the killing of apostates, which he does, of course.
“We believe that the whole world should be governed by divine law,” proclaimed Choudary, before backing the idea that people who leave Islam should also be killed. “The prophet said whoever changes then kill him.”
Hannity then brought up the threats against Geller, and the two discussed her response to this point. She said she hasn’t talked to federal law enforcement yet, but the NYPD counter-terrorism unit is working with her, and she’s increased the size of her security team.
Choudary then defended the outrage by Muslims that Geller dare insult Muhammed, which set off both Hannity and Geller.
“Let’s be absolutely clear. We’re not talking about Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck,” Choudary said. “You’re talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Muhammad … if you saw the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo drew, you would understand the anger.”
According to Choudary, Geller should have known the consequences for committing such an act, despite the fact she’s not Muslim. He believes she should be tried in Sharia court and put to death if she’s found guilty.
Geller, on the other hand, pointed out to the radical cleric that this is in fact America, and in America we don’t submit to their primitive laws. Hannity was also quick to jump to Geller’s defense, calling out Choudary’s “insecure” belief in Islam.
“You support the death penalty, because she had a cartoon contest? Is that how frail you are in your faith that you feel so insecure that your prophet cannot withstand a cartoon being drawn about him?” Hannity asked. ”You want to kill her. You want her to die.”
Geller went on to point out that with other faiths, their laws only apply to believers, but Muslims seem to think they can control everyone through Sharia. It “asserts its authority over non-Muslims” as well, she explained.
After seeing this, it’s hard not to wonder just how many others like Choudary there are out there. Worse yet, how many are in America? Yes, some groups have come forward and condemned the attack in Texas, but with that condemnation has also come victim blaming, saying Geller is at fault for poking the bear.
I agree with Geller, this is America and we do have the First Amendment, and it supersedes any Islamic law out there. If Muslims don’t like Muhammed being insulted, or hell, even drawn as a cartoon, then maybe they’d be better off returning to their third-world hell holes and leaving us alone.

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