Apr 24, 2017

Expelled: No Intelligence Required: ~ Ben Stein (Exposing Humanism Pt 2)

Ed's Note:  

Not many years ago, I met Ben Stein when I was still working in corporate aviation.  I even had the pleasure of flying him to a few places when he was promoting this movie (below) that he produced. As a Jew, his perspectives on life have been altered because of the way his people, the Jews have been treated throughout world history.  He has an unusual sense of humor and is fun to be around.  I will relate one of the things that happened during my brief time with him that was hilarious. 

Here is a quick link to Ben Stein's Bio (Wikipedia) .  You will see he is a very interesting character. He is a lawyer, actor, teacher and humorist to name a few aspects of his broad public life. (For those of you who are Ferris Beuhler fans, Ben played the school principal in that movie).

During one of the stops at a destination I flew him to (Jefferson City, Missouri), he saw a popcorn machine at the airport counter just before he boarded my flight.  He paused to put a fresh bag of popcorn into a bag from the machine to eat on the trip. As he was loading up with popcorn, I as the captain of the corporate jet walked out to the plane to make sure everything was ready for Ben Stein our passenger.  He had just given a presentation to the Missouri State legislature about his movie, so he was dressed in a nice light brown suit and dress shirt and bow-tie, yet true to his trademark style he had his running shoes on (instead of the normal dressup/wingtip dress shoes a guy in a nice suit would wear). 

The Missouri sky was very black with signs of heavy rain, and I could see the black rain cloud begin it's advance across the airfield toward us.  When Ben finally got his popcorn and newspaper ready he walked out the 400 feet or so towards my jet.  Wow, at precisely the same time, the sky let loose with waterdrops so heavy, that you could hear the thunderous, fire-hose-size blast beating on the roof of the plane where I stayed waiting for him. The sight of Ben Stein walking out to the plane in the pouring rain in a dress suit and tennis shoes, with popcorn in one hand and a newspaper in the other and a very shocked face was very, very funny and we all had a big laugh.  He finally arrived at the plane and was absolutely and totally dripping wet.  

The problem for him now was that I was taking him to another presentation where had to look his best.    

After Ben was on board, he simply took his dress clothes off to dry out and he flew in his underwear to our destination.

 It was hilarious to look back at our corporate VIP passenger flying in his underwear, and we again all had fun with what had happened.

Little of what I've just related has much to do with the movie, other than Ben was actively promoting it.  Ben Stein's movie "Expelled, ~ No Intelligence Required" is an awesome expose' on Academia. If you believe or teach about Creationism in Universities, you will be shown the door.  Yes, they will kick you out, get you fired or discredit you. Ben uses a number of ways to inform us about how Secular Humanism protects "it's own".  

Watch this movie, you will enjoy it I'm sure! Here is the YouTube version:

Ben Stein's "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" is a movie about the freedom of speech suppression to which Intelligent Design proponents are being subjected to by the atheistic American academic dictatorship.


Ed's Note 2:  Here is the chart that I used to help us understand Humanism ~ Part 1 of this study:

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