Sep 7, 2016

Rev. Scott Doggart ~ I Have a Testimony!

I’m sure, like all of you, dear reader, I could speak of many “defining moments”. These would include things heard, said, felt or experienced that forever directed or altered our path in life and ministry. Today I share three that are very much related and connected. The specifics of these are unique to me but the truth or principle of them apply to all.
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THE INVASION: · Sunday February 18, 1968 the 9 year old boy (me) is sitting in an evening service at Scarboro Gospel Temple … there is a guest musician that night … Doris Akers gives a great musical presentation. · Doris asks everyone to stand, the nine year old boy, between his Mother and Father does so … · Doris then says something like this, “If you were to die tonight and you are sure that you would go to heaven sit down.” · I suddenly realize that I would not … my heart beats quicker and the conviction of the Holy Spirit fills my mind and spirit … but I lie … I sit down. · My mother, sensitized by the Spirit looks at me and says, “Are you sure” … I say “Yes”, again, I lie. · Mom says something to Dad and Dad then asks if I would like to pray with him … I finally say something good and true…”Yes”. · As we pray I break, waves of emotion roll into me, through me as I become a son of the Most High.

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As I’ve gotten older the experience is more real and more significant. · This is “The Invasion” … a moment of change. THE PAIN-CIRCUMSTANCE: ·
Fast forward about five years…the boy is now 14 and is living in the country … he has aspirations of a career in law enforcement, perhaps the RCMP. · One of the horses gets loose and runs across the street to another barn where sheep are kept. · The sheep become frightened and begin to race around the small barn … in so doing one of them hits my knee … ouch (putting it mildly). · Although the injury is relatively minor at the time it will, it turns out, affect the career path of the young man … so much for law enforcement. · This is “The Pain-Circumstance” … a moment of change THE OPPORTUNITY:

Fast forward again … this time about 4 years … I am now 18 years old and have begun to sense that perhaps a life of ministry will unfold. · I’m playing a trumpet in our little church orchestra in Newmarket before the service begins … a humble setting, believe me, where a mighty God is at work … believe me. · Suddenly I’m tapped on my shoulder by my Pastor … a great guy … pretty young with a real heart for the Lord’s Kingdom and the young people in it. · Jim Cantelon says something like this to me, “Scott, in a few weeks were having a youth service … I want you to preach.” · I go back to playing the trumpet but I am definitely there only in body … my mind spins with fear and anticipation.

This is “The Opportunity” … a moment of change. These are three events of many that have served to define my life today. Thanks be to our Lord for His invasions that forever change us. May every circumstance of our lives; those which are joyous, those that are painful, serve to define what God is doing in and through us. And may we seize every God given opportunity and may we offer these same opportunities according to the Spirit’s leading in our lives to others whom God is defining.

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