Nov 3, 2015

How to Prepare a 3 Minute "Elevator Speech" About Your Faith Story ~ Patrick Morley

Ed's Note:   The ANVIL Newsletter is always on the look-out to share testimonies of lives that have been touched by God.  If you have a story we'd love to hear from you.  Patrick Morley has a few suggestions for someone looking for ideas on writing their faith story.

How to Prepare a 3 Minute "Elevator Speech" About Your Faith Story
Three things usually happen when a man comes to faith in Jesus. First, he sees the life of Christ exampled in a man who shows a personal interest in him. Second, he hears that man's personal faith story. Third, he hears how he also can embrace the life-transforming gospel of Jesus. Use this worksheet to prepare a 3 minute “elevator speech” of your story (testimony). Time it to about one minute for each of the three sections. You can always talk longer if you’re not on an elevator but, by doing it this way, you’ll always “be prepared” (1 Peter 3:15).
BEFORE (150 words): What was your life like before you embraced Jesus? Empty, confused, lonely, disillusioned, futile, lacking significance, without purpose or meaning, successful but still not happy? Briefly share one story as an example. As much as possible, relate your story to what you know about his story.
HOW (150 words): How did you come to profess faith in Jesus? Where? Who showed you the way? Why did you respond? Mention the love and holiness of God, conviction of your sins, hunger for truth, understanding who Christ is, repentance, and faith in Jesus.
AFTER (150 words): What has Christ done in your life since? Pick areas that have changed which relate to his struggles. Briefly give an example.
A CHALLENGE: If you want to get serious about sharing Christ with men (or already are), don't shoot from the hip. Copy and print this out, then take a couple of hours and write out, time, practice, and memorize your 3 minute “elevator” testimony. Pick words that sparkle and emote. Mark Twain said, "A powerful agent is the right word." And you already know what would happen if an athlete doesn’t practice.
Until we reach every man...
Pat Morley

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