Dec 4, 2011

REVIVE US -Robin Mark

REVIVE US -Robin Mark (REVIVE US - Robin Mark (Click to play)

"...I can hear the thunder in the distance, like a train on the edge of town....I can feel the brooding of your Spirit....lay your burdens down;
Revive Us, Revive Us.  Revive Us with your FIRE !!!"    -Robin Mark (PromiseKeepers, Built For Battle Conference 2011)

Oh Lord, Robin Mark's singing at PromiseKeepers this past weekend still resounds in our spirits!  ...Revive Us @ GCF with your FIRE O God!  

The truth is....REVIVAL (personally or corporately) will NOT come until we have a deep conviction & awareness of the sin in our lives; 
The Holy Spirit revives my heart when I WAIT on Him in expectation and invite him to Revive Me, 
...when I'm tired of doing things MY way & want to live my life HIS Way !!!

The FIRE of the Holy Spirit points us to Jesus & reveals to us the sin in our lives; 
The FIRE of the Holy Spirit prompts us to live holy lives, & study His WORD!
The FIRE of the Holy Spirit enables me to be a WITNESS to my world of what God has done in my life !!!
The FIRE at Pentecost ushered in the Church Age and began to push back the darkness.
FIRE Cleanses, Purifies, Changes. It consumes the garbage in our lives!  

Think about setting some time aside this week for the ONE who is READY, WILLING and ABLE to give you the revival you need.

"...the god who answers by FIRE, He is GOD!"  1 Kings 18:24
Revive Us, Revive Us with your FIRE, O God !

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