Oct 5, 2015

SUMMER 2015 ~ Memories

As days shorten and Summer 2015 has drawn to it's inevitable close, it leaves me with so many memories.

  • A travel trailer Quebec  (Montreal & Mt Tremblant) trip camping with our family. Trading stories around a campfire.

  • A motorcycle ride near Port Carling on Lake Joseph with my friends.  Then driving back home in the rain.
  • Racing go-carts with my kids in Coboconk, Ontario  (Where's that?).
  • Touring the Trent-Severn waterways and poking around in "Loyalist territory" including a few museums that bring to life days gone by.
  • Bancroft Live Summer Theater "You're a good man, Charlie Brown".
  • Awesome lively, Godly Braeside Camp speakers that challenged my thinking and strengthened my faith.  Speakers like: Joe Amaral, Brent Cantelon, Robert Martin, Pastor Zowa, Brooks McElhaney & Greg Hubbard followed by vibrant altar calls, seeking Spirit baptism and responding to God's Spirit. I won't be quite the same...(I think it's the journey, not just the destination?).
  • Long bike rides with Andrea around our travel-trailer camp in Paris, Ontario area; 
  • ....and lots of battling Andrea in tennis.  She's good....long live our tennis rivalry!
  • Lots of Golf ....including Renting two expensive golf carts, and buying four expensive green fees so we could traverse the course in style with my 3 boys....it was worth every penny!  ...and their excitement was priceless.

  • Strolling the Halifax Pier 21 docks and waterfront on weekend layovers; 
  • visiting my Kelowna inlaws fruit orchard on a Vancouver layover, catching up on "what's new"; 
  • visiting my "old" Kelowna church seeing old faces and lot's of new ones.
  • Biking around Stanley Park in Vancouver.
  • reading yet another John Grisham book, "the Firm", then watching the movie I missed years ago;
  • Burning the calories on the treadmill, yet they still keep on coming.
  • Finally exchanging my Old Faithful Blackberry for an Android...a quantum leap in technology!
  • Watching "The Law of The Harvest" in action; You truly do reap what you sow!
  • Baking in the sun at a Blue Jays game, and cheering them on with my family.
  • Enjoyed a quiet Laurentian weekend get-a-way with the love of my life....just Andrea and I celebrating 24 years of life together.
  • Watching Jeffrey excel at his first driving range attempt;
  • Watching Jeffrey's awesome footwork as he scores yet again in his soccer league.
  • Watching Jeffrey get his first job at the post office (Young's) 
  • Watching Joshua get his first job at The Club at North Halton (Golf Maint.)
  • being with Joshua as he writes and easily passes his Drivers test and later being the one to show him how to parallel park and drive a car for the first time!
  • Seeing my daughter thriving in her friendships and excitingly listening to her plans for pursuing God in Bible School this fall. I long for my kid's to follow hard after God! I have prayed long and hard for their future spouses and my future grandchildren.
  • Saying goodby to Danae for almost a year as she heads to Europe.
  • Talking to Ryan about his new job in the finance sector and listening to his ideas and ambitions. Listening to Ryan's plans to attend St Andrew's University in Scotland this year.
  • Taking Ryan to the airport enroute Scotland.
  •  How exciting for me as a father to witness new growth and excitement!
  • A Bloor street cafe filled with 2000 board games and a Japanese diner where my family forced me to break out of my mold and try sushi for the first time (I hated it!).  I made them promise not to "invite me to have sushi ever again".
  • Reading an autobiography of the Apostle Paul. Indeed an unusual person and human instrument that God used mightily.
  • Phillip Kellar's an author I heard speak about sheep when we lived for 5 years in Kelowna near where he lived.  His book (a recent Value Village find I will add), "A shepherd looks at Psalm 23" I bought and find very insightful.  We are using it now in our summer family devotions and find it's a family hit!
  • Studying Hebrews & probing into the depths of my faith until I understood it just a bit better!.  
  • Sharing bitter grief with friends who buried their loved ones far too early.
  • enjoying reconnecting with long lost west coast friends.
  • Spending time with my nearly 92 year old mom again and making her laugh hard ...as only I can do because I'm her son!
  • Riding my Goldwing in the GTA 2015 Teen Challenge Freedom Ride with Andrea and helping raise $30,000. for their women's program.
  • Attending my first cousins retirement dinner?? Retiring already?
Perhaps it's just me, but I'm noticing that more and more it's the "things of the Spirit" type of memories that have any lasting impact on my life and how I live my life and the memories I make. I think it's the journey, not just the destination with Family, Friends, Laughter, waiting on the LORD and spending time in the Word lingers longest in my list of memories after the others on my list have disappeared.

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