Sep 20, 2015

Call On the Name!

I'm in Edmonton this morning with it's zero degree temps and bright sunshine. I find it a beautiful fall day after my all-nighter westbound flight.  With my destination set in my gps I edge my rented Focus into freeway traffic. After searching through an assortment of Country & Western singing cowboys, Rock and News-Talk, my dial lands on SHINE-fm and beautiful worship soon floods through the speakers.  

Driving towards the city some twenty something miles distant, I reflect on my brother and the difficult surgery he's facing in a few weeks.  Since his near-death industrial accident a few years ago, his health has continued to decline until he realizes a difficult and risky gastric-bypass surgery is inevitable or he will face a heart attack.  Numerous complications abound as multiple system failures have caused a variety of health issues including breathing and circulation difficulty.  His situation has brought about some wonderful spiritual changes in his life and his faith in a mighty God has never been stronger!  I am proud of how brave he has been in the face of his difficulty and often find myself praying for God to undertake and bring him through. I want to drop by and spend some time with him and pray together for God's best for his life.  We head out to a Red Lobster and get caught up on all the latest family news.

In my Hebrews study this week, we are learning of faith as portrayed through the Old Testament heros.  God honored those heros for how they believed and how they thought about their situations in spite of incredible odds often in spite of who their opposition was.  I think about the large risk Charles faces as I am driving.  Then I begin to realize how big and faithful God has been to our family the past few years when facing some significant life events.  Scripture speaks often of "His power and salvation".  I decide to reflect on who God is and how powerful is His Spirit as I drive and listen to the music.  He's Big, he's Glorious...he's concerned with everything in my life and Charles's.  I resolve as the church to trust Him yet again as our family approaches this Oct 13 surgery date.  

I will rouse people in my life and in my church to call on His name on Charles' behalf.  A name more powerful than any disease! There are many things that the church often does poorly ... organize poorly, study poorly, fight poorly, compose newsletters poorly etc., etc..   But there is one thing the Church does well.  ...when faced with some incredible odds the Church begins to call on God.  It's like looking heavenward and pleading "Help"; ... or it's like one beggar telling another beggar where to find food!  The church is at it's best when at Prayer.  Jesus said, "...My House shall be called a HOUSE OF PRAYER!"  When faced with insurmountable odds it begins to "Call on The Name".   The church may frequently stumble and slumber, but when the blood-bought bride, the 'ecclesia' or 'called-out ones', ...when 'the church' is finally aroused, she is a force to be  reckoned with!  

Jesus Christ is the Becoming One to His church.  Whatever the specifications of our need ....He Cares, He Understands, He is acquainted with our grief; He hears our cry!  He begins to change situations; He gives us hope and a future.  When we call on Him for healing, he IS Jehovah Rophe, ..."the God Who Heals "  (for I am Jehovah that healeth thee ~ Exodus 15 ASV). That is His name; It is Who HE IS; it is what He loves to do when we trust Him for the road ahead!  

It's ALL about the Groom and we are trusting for a miracle!

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