Feb 8, 2015

Talking to the Cults - Islam Eye-opener, by Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt
Ann Barnhardt, a unique, outspoken Catholic-American women, explains why Islam is a satanic religion and political system.  She shatters the myths that this is a religion of peace.
Ed's note:   I wished that we lived in a world where knowledge of the following material wouldn't be necessary, however this is not our present-day reality.  We need to have a working background as to what is really happening in Canada/USA and worldwide through Islamisation by *acquiescence.  You only need to read the daily news to see how Satanic this religion/political-system is; beheadings for adults and children alike, burning people alive, burying children and adults alive,  female genital mutilation and rampant homosexuality!  ... these characteristics are prominent in this cult and are nothing but satanic.   While living and working in a number of Islamic African countries, I realized the tragic bondage that Islam has brought into people's lives.  Here, Ann Barnhardt exposes much of the background that is Islam.

In this video series (short videos) Ann presents eye-opening information from someone who is not afraid to call things for what they are.  I applaud Ann's firm stand as a watchman on the wall!  The alternatives (if you can call them that) is to *acquiesce to Islamisation of our country and culture or face death as "infidels".

gerund or present participle: acquiescing 

> to accept something reluctantly but without protest.
"Sara acquiesced in his decision"

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