Jul 10, 2014

Online Spiritual Gift Inventory

> Studies in 1 Timothy Chapter 4
   With this chapter, Paul's strategy for Timothy starts to emerge clearly. Timothy's mission was to deal with the false teachers. Paul sees, however, that fighting false teachers with ideology alone is fruitless. 

    The church must be healthy so that Jesus Christ is communicated through it!  ...the Apostle Paul has other missionary plans and can't be the bishop;  Paul has delegated Timothy as the Bishop of the Church at Ephesus, and gives him much in-depth instruction so that the church stays healthy!  He writes Timothy to instruct, equip and encourage him in his task.  This week we look at an important instruction in Chapter 4:  

"... Do not neglect your gift, which was given you...". 1 Timothy 4:14

Men, I want to encourage each one along in the same way.  God has designed us each in just a certain way, and He has given each of us certain giftings.  The happiest and healthiest christians I know are those who discover their giftings ...and use them!  Are you using your "kingdom" gift?

Discover and use your gifts for God's kingdom. Click this link Below and see if this online site will help!  

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