Feb 5, 2014

Company's Coming!

As the day grew closer, I actually really looked forward to having someone "special" visiting in my home again.  It had been awhile since we'd been free to extend an invitation, and I could see we had some work to do in preparation.  Once gleaming floors and countertops suddenly shouted out their need of attention to some spring cleaning.  The carpet's high-traffic areas looked way darker than over there in the corner.  Speaking of the corners...where had all that dust come from anyway?  Our home entrance area was sort of sprawling with heaps of coats, boots, shoes, mitts and who knows what all, along with all the "outside" that the footwear had brought "inside".  Raising four teenagers, caring for mom and dad's many senior's needs, and keeping careers on-track introduced many housekeeping time constraints. There never seemed to be quite enough time in the week to keep up with the housework, at least not like we used to ...but now - company's coming!

Realizing the work ahead, I guess we must have experienced at least mild amounts of apprehension in anticipation of the special visit.  I'm not sure why, but I noticed myself conscious of wanting to be found at my very best, not just my everyday "regular".  Our company was indeed special and meaningful to us and how could they deserve less?  I continued to look around at the state our home was in.  Bits and pieces of homework and school projects flowed off of coffee tables.  White hair from Lizzie our Shih Tzu's recent trim poked out here and there around the fireplace.  What impression would our special company get?  Perhaps I didn't so much want to impress, as to save myself some embarrassment from a lack of preparation.  A quick family conference found agreement; -we had to put a Team-Howson action plan into place and get this place turned around.  After all ...company was coming!

We delegated various duties and began to "encourage" our family team, with promises of various rewards. Out of nowhere the vacuum cleaner appeared.  The clean aroma of Pine Sol filled the kitchen as hot water followed and splashed into the bucket.  Furniture was maneuvered back into place and cleaning cloths fought back.  Our coat racks and hall table got pushed aside to get at and scrub tiles from a thousand footsteps that had tracked it up.  It was surprising what change a few squirts of Windex will do!  The lawnmower did a number on the grass while pruning shears trimmed the dead branches on the shrubs.  I drove down to Superstore and lay down the near $80 to rent the Rug Doctor and his chemical cleaning agents...hoping he was still "steamin' mad at dirt" and could once again work his carpet magic.  I headed over to the meat section and chose the tastiest steaks I could find for my barbeque .....all because I wanted to have everything as ready as I could. The more ready we became, the more we looked forward to "the day"! We got ourselves into motion because ....company was coming!

As I look ahead in preparation at our study in 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Paul is clear in communicating that one day we are going to experience a day like no other!  He explains that Christ will one day return for His Church....for those who have prepared for His coming!  ....those who are watching and waiting and praying.  If this was true in 50AD when he wrote this to teach and warn the new but "model" believers in Thessalonica, it is a thousand times "more-true" for us today as we are much, much closer to "the day"...  Jesus is coming.  He told us He will return like a "thief in the night".  No...He didn't say what day it would be, but he's told us to be sure to be "ready" and watch for the signs....He gave us so many clues in signs all around us...if we've paid attention.  ANVIL Men....hear me....the signs are now EVERYWHERE !!   We've been invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb, and it won't be long!  Jesus is Coming!.....Have you got any house-cleaning to do?

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